A three year old’s scrawl, a swirl of stucco in the sun, a spill of coffee beans across a countertop—Rachel Anderson sees things differently.

Enamored with pattern since the heyday of her Wisconsin youth, Rachel Anderson was drawn in by the intricate and wild colors of her grandma Olive’s collection of handmade crazy quilts. Every scrap of fabric she could salvage would be repurposed by hand into something functional, and fun to look at. Like Olive, Rachel takes inspiration from bits and pieces and fleeting moments, making something from nothing, elevating the everyday. A good eye, a steady hand and a knack for craft run in the family.

The collections that make up Anderson Print & Pattern Co. are are hand-drawn by Rachel Anderson in her signature style of detailed, perfectly imperfect line work. With a carefully curated palette of fresh and modern hues, Rachel brings her drawings to life, creating instantly wearable, printable, scalable pattern work, with endless variations and combinations. Exploring the patterns within patterns of flora and fauna, fanciful foods and found objects, Rachel creates quirky, delightful collections designed with a wink and a smile.

Rachel lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is the proud mama of Leo, age 5 and Willa, age 3. When she’s not sketching or chasing kids, you can find Rachel enjoying a good cup of coffee, tuning in to one of her favorite podcasts, and scoping all things style, design, and pattern around town. 

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